Transport Program Management
Structured Cabling

All of Lantro's integrated cabling work is completed to meet the most stringent guidelines of national, regional and industry standards, including but not limited to EIA / TIA, NEC / NFPS, and IEEE. Our in-house CAD group can furnish complete as-built drawings, and in addition to professional installation services, we can provide a full spectrum of “Day 2” support services.

Structured Cabling services include:

End-to-end installation
Detailed invoices of material
Installation as per your statement of work
Project management
Moves, adds and changes
Single-site or campus environment
Computer-aided drafting and design capability, system designs and as-built drawings
Cable management incorporating Smart Objects software
Certified test reports on your entire system prior to commissioning
Trained and certified by our own BICSI RCDDs

Project Management

Every Lantro project is assigned a Project Manager. This person is accountable for accomplishing the project objectives, creating clear and attainable goals, building the project requirements, and managing the project’s triple constraints: cost, time, and scope.

All projects will consist of

Initiation / Planning

Identifying deliverables and creating the work breakdown structure
Identifying the activities needed to complete those deliverables and networking the activities in their logical sequence
Estimating the resource requirements for the activities
Estimating time and cost for activities
Developing the schedule
Risk planning
Gaining formal approval to begin work

Execution and Construction

Executing consists of the processes used to complete the work defined in the project plan to accomplish the project's requirements. The Execution process involves coordinating people and resources, as well as integrating and performing the activities of the project in accordance with the project management plan. The deliverables are produced as outputs from the processes performed as defined in the project management plan and other frameworks that might be applicable to the type of project at hand.

Monitoring and Controlling Systems

Measuring the ongoing project activities
Monitoring the project variables against the project management plan and the project performance baseline
Identifying corrective actions to address issues and risks properly
Influencing the factors that could circumvent integrated change control so only approved changes are implemented

Completion / Acceptance

Closing includes the formal acceptance of the project and the ending thereof
Archiving and delivery of all final documentation

Documentation Solutions

Lantro’s Documentation Solutions provide:

Detailed graphical representation of the physical network components from the structured cabling and communication assets, to the riser cable and data center configurations
Data associated with each graphic implementation of cable management and asset control system
Move, add and change (MAC) records manipulated graphically or within an in-house developed application, which features and automated MAC ticket generator

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